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Terms of Service

1. General Terms

1.1) By accessing  to bornbux , you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Terms Of Use outlined below. These terms apply to the entire website and any email or other type of communication between you and Bornbux.

2. Products

2.1) Advertising on bornbux:

- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal or other adult materials of any kind.

- The website must not contain any frame breakers or promote any viruses, not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.  

- The website must not have a popup/pop under window.

2.2) Payments to members.

- All payments are made to  payeer , paypal and perfect money.

- You can request payments  when your account reaches the value of 5 $ or 2 $ (Free or premium member)

-  All payments are made in 24 H or  to 5 work days.

-  A payment proof in our forum is required, in order to be able to receive your next payment

3. Security

3.1)User account:

- Any attempt to attempt to hack the system will be monoturized.

- Only one account per IP address is allowed. The attempt of creating more than one account will lead to all accounts suspension.

-  Feel free to contact us about our security policies.

4. Refunds

4.1) Any purchase made by you at  Bornbux are non-refundable.

5. Ownership

5.1)Bornbux is a borntowin services.

Changes to terms

We have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, for any reason and without warning or notice. If we decide to give a notice, we will notify you by email. If you are caught cheating in any way, your account will be deleted. Please note due to the proprietary nature of our monitoring system, we are not able to disclose any detailed information to discuss the reason.

- Bornbux reserves the right to modify, edit, delete or rename your account at any time with or without notice.

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